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[persona 2 innocent sin]Persona & The Persona 2 Duology Deserve Modern Remakes


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  Persona & The Persona 2 Duology Deserve Modern Remakes

  By Scott Baird

  Published Jun 28, 2020


  P1 & P2 should be remade and brought closer to their descendants in terms of gameplay.

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  There are six mainline?Persona?games and they can each be broken down into two groups of three.?Persona 3, 4,?and?5?are the games that helped establish the formula of the franchise, with the daily management of high school life having a tangible effect on their combat abilities in the dungeon. The original?Persona?games are often overlooked as a result of not using this formula, which is why they should be remade and brought closer to their descendants in terms of gameplay.


  The?Persona?series is a spin-off of the?Shin Megami Tensei?franchise, and the first Persona?was created to utilize the high school environment that had been popular in?Shin Megami Tensei If…?for the Super Famicom. The original?Persona?game (called?Revelations: Persona?outside of Japan) was similar to the?Shin Megami Tensei?games in terms of setting and gameplay.?Persona 2?was split into two games -?Innocent Sin?in 1999 and?Eternal Punishment?in 2000, with only?Eternal Punishment?being localized outside of Japan for the original PlayStation.

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  Atlus has created a clear divide between the original three?Persona?games and the latter half of the series, with the?Persona?crossover titles only accounting for?Persona 3, 4,?and?5.?It can be hard for fans attracted to the series by the later?Persona?games to enjoy the original three, which is why they should be remade for modern systems.



  The original?Persona?game received an updated port for the PSP in 2009, which restored the content that was cut when it was localized for the original PlayStation back in ’96. The story involves a group of high schoolers being given the ability to use Personas, shortly before their town is assaulted by demons. The storyline of the game can be lengthened in order to accommodate the scheduling & high school aspects of the later?Persona?games, before descending into chaos as the town is attacked.

  The?Persona 2?dualogy needs a remake even more, due to the bizarre nature of their release schedule.?Persona 2: Eternal Punishment?received a localization for the original PlayStation, even though?Innocent Sin?did not, which meant that people were starting with the second half of the story. The fans had to wait until 2011 for?Innocent Sin?to be localized for the PSP… which was followed by?the PSP port of?Eternal Punishment?not being localized and fans needing to play the Ps1 original to experience the whole story.


  The real reason why?Eternal Punishment?and?Innocent Sin?need remakes is to improve their gameplay. Both titles have phenomenal stories, but they are let down by a repetitive and slow battle system, as well as some of the worst dungeon designs in the series. The storylines of the games involve high schoolers investigating a strange creature called Joker, who will answer any wish given to him. The players also discover that rumors can become a reality in a town if they become prominent enough. The high school setting allows for the games to be remade with the superior gameplay of the later?Persona?titles while expanding on the characters and stories that made the originals so engaging in the first place.

  Revelations: Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin,?and?Persona 2: Eternal Punishment?have been cruelly overlooked since the days of?the PSP and they have the potential to be just as amazing as the later entries in the series. The world is waiting with bated breath for news about?Persona 6,?but the original trilogy should be given a new lease of life and brought up to speed with the games that made the series famous.


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