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[new elder scrolls]The Elder Scrolls 6 Doesn’t Need Quest Objectives | Screen Rant

  Morrowind was notable for its lack of quest waypoints. Instead, players had to follow written directions to their goal. TES6 should follow suit.

  By Ky Shinkle

  Published 1 day ago


  Elder Scrolls 6 Should Remove Quest Objectives

  When it comes to immersive RPG mechanics, Morrowind?takes things a step further than most other games in the genre, introducing players to an oftentimes unforgiving world?and allowing them to make natural decisions and discoveries without the support of overwhelming gameplay systems. One notable example of this approach to design can be found in how Morrowind handles quests in particular. The complete lack of waypoints leaves players without a straightforward visual guide – something that The Elder Scrolls 6 could bring back.

  Morrowind’s approach to gameplay is unique in many regards. For one, it doesn’t bar players from making costly decisions. Essential NPCs, characters that are required in order for quests to be fully completed, can be permanently killed in Morrowind, as opposed to Skyrim in which they’re simply marked as invincible. Some have speculated that Elder Scrolls 6 could bring back this feature, along with other notable?Morrowind mechanics such as its immersive fast-travel system.

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  Elder Scrolls 6 Should Remove Quest Objectives

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  Player immersion in general is something Morrowind is?known for. Although players aren’t allowed to instantaneously teleport to any known location on the map like they could in Skyrim, they can make use of silt striders, boats, or branches of the Mages Guild to get around. There are many other in-universe ways to find transport across Morrowind?as well, but each option has an explanation within the game so as to not pull players out of the experience. This design tactic is a large part of why Morrowind is still so well-loved among fans of the series.


  Elder Scrolls 6 Should Remove Quest Objectives

  Rather than providing players with waypoints, which visually indicate exactly where they need to go in order to progress in a quest, Morrowind relied on a more simple system: directions. Characters would instruct players on where to travel – more or less – and from there they would be left to their own devices. Although Morrowind did include a map as well as a general directional indicator, the specific location of objectives was left vague. Some directions were either vague or incorrect, instead requiring exploration or further prying in order to figure out where players are meant to be going. This is just one of many Morrowind features that Elder Scrolls 6 could benefit from including.


  Players were prompted to explore more of the map due to their lack of waypoints. Instead of focusing on getting from one place to another, they were tasked with finding things instead, something that objectively warrants more?close observation of surroundings. Without a straightforward path to follow, players were also encouraged to travel off the beaten path, discovering new areas of the alien world presented across Morrowind’s landscape. Given that?open world games seem to be getting larger as of late, allowing players more freedom when it comes to exploring the world of The Elder Scrolls 6 is a design choice that would greatly benefit the game.


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