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[YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game]Yahtzee With Buddies Sports 500 Billion Dice Rolls In One Year

  Credit: Scopely

  Credit: Scopely

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  A great way to launch a successful mobile game is to adapt it from a well-established tabletop franchise and make it work in the digital realm. That’s been the case with Words With Friends, and it certainly worked well for Yahtzee with Buddies!, as Scopely has revealed some of their impressive statistics as part of their one-year anniversary celebration.

  If you were wondering how addictive these mobile games can get, well you’re in luck. Yahtzee with Buddies! marked an average of 63 turns made per user per day, making for quite the number of games. More unbelievable is the 1.2 billion individual games played, with 581 individual Yahtzees rolled. An average of one every other game by the population isn’t that bad, all things considered, although the way the metrics line up it’s still roughly 1 in 1,000 rolls due to more than 500 billion total dice rolls were played.

  Yahtzee with Buddies anniversary infographic

  Credit: Scopely

  To me, it signifies the idea that people are trying to go for a perfect score in Yahtzee with Buddies! and starting incomplete games if they don’t get one on the first turn. The maximum possible score of 880 is a remarkable feat of fortitude, patience, and sheer dumb luck, as it’s only been completed 108 times over 1.2 billion games. At 0.00000009% odds, you’re legitimately in better odds to win most lotteries in the world.

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  All things considered, the success of Yahtzee with Buddies! is a testament to the quality of the original game in its many forms. I remember playing the hell out of a handheld version of the game back in the 90’s and would wear the batteries right quick. While my highest score was somewhere in the 600’s, I couldn’t possibly imagine how anybody could have the time to try for a perfect score. Congrats to those 108 people who’ve pulled it off, I guess.