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[Eternal Starlight]Space Strategy Game Eternal Starlight Hits Quest, PC Next Week

  White Noise Games’ VR space strategy game, Eternal Starlight, hits Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets next week.

  The game launches on June 17. It’s up for pre-order now in the Coming Soon section of the Oculus Store and is listed on Steam. We first wrote about it all the way back in 2019. In Eternal Starlight, you command a fleet of ships through space, tactically attacking enemy forces. Check out a trailer below.

  Like traditional strategy games, you can play from an isometric view, but Eternal Starlight allows you to scale the battlefield and move around it with your hands, much like you would in Demeo. You select ships with your hands and target specific parts of enemy vessels – some units have special moves like warping through enemies, too.

  As you progress you’ll be able to upgrade ships and manage their equipment. That’s about all we know about the experience right now but we’ll look to bring you more as we head closer to release.

  Will you be picking up Eternal Starlight when it launches next week? Let us know in the comments below!