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[sexiest games on play store]Google Play Store Gets New Interface: Did You Notice the Subtle Changes to Google Play UI?

  You may have noticed, the Google Play Store has a new layout now, with things having shifted around a bit. A new Google Play interface has been appearing for some users since at least the last one week, according to reports. The slight change in the Google Play Store UI lets go of the famous hamburger menu and instead shows just the profile icon, tapping which will open the menu. Users will know if they have got the new interface if they see an alert in the image above. Users need to tap the profile icon in order to see the items of the hamburger menu. The pop-up will appear with a new header focusing on a user’s account and Play Points. The main link for Settings is near the bottom of the pop-up. Settings have also gotten a slight tweak, with the window broken down into expandable items for General, User Controls, Family, and About sections. All the old options seem to be in their usual places.

  In the new UI, search results are little more robust, highlighting popular items for exact results with screenshots and app information being available without having to tap on them. Rest of the changes are rather subtle, and bring attention to the images, instead of focusing on a list layout. The rollout seems to be happening in waves. Users can check the profile icon on their Google Play Store in order to see if they have got the new UI. Folks at Android Police, who first spotted the changes, even forced an update on several different phones by installing the latest version of the Play Store from APK Mirror.

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