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Dragon Ball can log on almost all game platforms. You can find games from the earliest FC, camera-sold DC, PS, XBOX, and WILL. Most of the games are based on fighting or action adventure, and there are no lack of role-playing rounds. System game.

The Dragon Ball game originally appeared in the public view in the form of a web game. Once it was launched, a large number of Dragon Ball fans have been harvested. Below we will introduce the gameplay evaluation of the Dragon Ball web game.

“Dragon Ball Fighting Z” launched by Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia became the focus of everyone before it was launched. Even the very same period of “Monster Hunter: World” hit the date, but it is still the work that players are looking forward to. Many players have decided that the editor is no exception. After receiving the official media package, I have been playing games. Let’s take a look at our unboxing video first!

After a trial play by the editor, I found that the 3v3 battle “Dragon Ball FighterZ” is a battle game worth playing again and again. Next, let’s talk about the fun of the game!

The story of “Dragon Ball FighterZ” tells that a large army of clones suddenly appeared in Wukong’s world. Wukong and other companions gathered and lost consciousness, and many dead people also gathered and resurrected. At this moment of crisis, Wukong and his group suddenly lost their skills. At this time, as a player, you awaken as a mysterious soul in Wukong’s body, and establish a spiritual connection with Wukong and other people to fight for them! And the brand-new character Cyborg 21 also appeared at this time. What is her conspiracy?

How to play
As a battle game, “Dragon Ball FighterZ” has a very high playability. The main reason is that the threshold of the battle system is very low. In many cases, players only need to continuously press the square to complete cool combos. The attack buttons of the game are very simple. The square, triangle, and round buttons are for light, medium and heavy attacks respectively, and the cross button is for launching gas bombs. L1 and L2 are calling or exchanging partners, R1 and R2 can be Dragon Rush and Super Dash respectively, and when the arrow keys are matched with R1 or R2, you can perform super kills. Of course, players can also use other key combinations to release more powerful combos.

The game has many different play modes, such as a single player mode that focuses on the story. As mentioned above, the player will act as the soul in Wukong, who can travel through different characters and fight with enemies (this also explains why only one character can be used at a time in the battle). The plot mode is not a straight line. Players can choose to go to different places on the map to defeat the clones or save the lonely companions. The game will occasionally jump out of special levels for players to challenge!

If you have finished playing the story mode and have some confidence in your own skills, you can consider trying the arcade mode. In this mode, there will be 3, 5, 7 rounds of battle and different difficulty for players to choose. After each battle, the game will assign different battle routes according to the player’s strength. If all the players survive, the next battle route will go up and challenge the more difficult enemies; if all the players survive the battle, the players will be forced to go down and challenge the simpler enemies.

If you are tired of playing against the computer, you can also try the multiplayer mode of “Dragon Ball FighterZ”. When there is no internet connection, players can play local battles with friends (the editors will have the opportunity to play in the company every day). And if you are very confident of your own strength, the game is also prepared for online battle modes, such as qualifying, casual and arena modes. Here I want to spit out the arena mode a little bit. Marginal people like Xiaobian often find no one to play the arena in the lobby. Instead, players gather in leisure and qualifying matches, so the arena is often empty.

In addition to these main gameplay methods, “Dragon Ball FighterZ” also has many interesting small features, such as a training mode that teaches you even tricks (although the editor has not been 100% successful), you can save the playback function of the battle process. Players can also choose their own virtual characters, emoticons and greetings when walking in the lobby, but these contents are all obtained by purchasing boxes with virtual currency in the game. Players can obtain gold or silver coins to buy boxes by completing tasks in the lobby or participating in battles .

Finally, let’s talk about the screen of “Dragon Ball FighterZ”. The editor used PS4 Pro to try it out. The game screen is not only exquisite, but also very smooth! Speaking of the game screen, if the players choose the right characters and scenes and meet specific requirements, “Dragon Ball FighterZ” will reproduce the classic scenes in the original comics! In some super must-kill screens, the performance is very bold, even more exciting than the original comics! There are also many players on the Internet who praised the screen performance this time!