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[gubagoo login]New Gubagoo service can help dealers meet customers remotely

  BOCA RATON, Fla. –

  With a new video conferencing service from Gubagoo — a digital retailing and messaging provider for auto dealerships — dealers will be able to use any messaging platform to start face-to-face meetings with their customers.

  The new service is called Virtual Meetings, and Gubagoo said because of recent changes in the automotive retail environment, the importance of doing business online has increased for dealers.

  Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing, which allows dealers to sell vehicles online, and Gubagoo’s ChatSmart, which coordinates conversations with customers on dealers’ websites, have reported record use over the past six weeks.

  Gubagoo sought to continue supporting dealers with the technology they need right now, and the company developed Virtual Meetings to allow video conversations to support the buying process.

  Those conversations take place whether dealers are using chat or are engaged in a full digital retailing experience with Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing.

  Gubagoo says that with Virtual Meetings, dealers can provide an in-person experience without the need for customers to be in-store. That can help dealers and customers achieve their goal of finding the right vehicle, together.

  The company said the feature helps dealers navigating “high friction deal steps” such as warranties and desking in a remote environment. In that environment, e-mail and phone are often insufficient, according to Gubagoo.

  The feature also helps build rapport and connect with customers face to face.

  That further humanizes the online, digital experience, the company said.

  “We’re very excited to offer video conferencing technology within our messaging and Virtual Retailing tools,” Gubagoo chief executive officer Brad Title said in a news release.

  Title continued, “This is retail with social distancing. It’s a game changer.”

  Gubagoo said dealers have been quickly adopting technology — such as digital retailing tools like Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing product — that helps them adapt to the sudden changes in retail environments nationwide. Virtual Meetings will help them “never miss an opportunity to show, tell or sell their inventory,” the company said.

  “We find that when we jump in and chat with our guests online, the rapport we build helps us increase our chances of selling them a vehicle,” said Rick Campbell of Vann York Auto Group. “Gubagoo’s Virtual Meetings will take this to a whole new level.”

  Dealers can create a virtual meeting in Gubagoo’s dealer communication tool, GLive. Upon creation of the virtual meeting, dealers can invite customers by URL in any other text-based channel, such as e-mail or Facebook Messenger.

  Gubagoo is also offering a collection of COVID-19 resources and offerings.