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[xbox one backwards compatibility games]COD Warzone the First PS4 Backwards Compatible Game to Support 120fps on PS5, Here’s How to Enable I

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  Contrary to what many gamers believed would require a native port, it seems that PS4 games are not fully compatible of outputting to 120fps (frames-per-second), though there is a restriction. With the Season 4 update now live for Call of Duty Warzone, players on PS5 can now take full advantage of the 120fps mode offered by it. This was a surprise addition to the patch notes for the PS4 version of Warzone, something that many had thought would require a full native PS5 port. Well seems that Activision has found, or was given a way around this from Sony, as Warzone now fully supports 120fps when playing on the PS5.

  The catch? You need to have HDMI 2.1 in order for it to work. This is actually different to other 120fps games that are PS5 versions as those only require that you have HDMI 2.0, granted it is 1080P at that point rather than 4K. We aren’t sure why this is needed for the PS4 version, but upon testing ourselves the framerate caps out at 60fps if you are playing on an HDMI-supported display.

  Warzone 120fps PS5

  What’s more, the game doesn’t actually list 120fps mode enabled like Black Ops Cold War does. The process for setting up 120fps is the same, but you won’t actually know it’s 120fps until you play and see the increase in frame-rate.

  Players who do meet the HDMI 2.1 requirement here are the steps to enable 120fps.

  Requirement – A TV or PC monitor that supports 120fps and upwards and has HDMI 2.1. HDMI 2.0 sadly will not work here, despite 120fps being available in 1080P on other titles.Go to the PS5 settings and select “Screen and Video”Here you will want to select video output settings and then set “Enable 120 hz output” to Automatic. This will make it so the system is forced into 120FPS when a game supports it.

  Next you are going to want to set up performance mode to do this, go back to the main system setting menu and select ” Saved Data and Game/App Settings.”. You will then see “Game Presets”. Here you will want to switch the option to “Performance mode” that way games prioritize frames-per-second over resolution. Once that’s done you are now ready to hop back into Warzone and play at the highest FPS.

  One thing we noticed is that the visuals do take a big hit while playing in 120FPS. Specifically, textures loads are now slower.


  Despite to increase in frame-rate, it’s hard to recommend this mode with the textures load ins being so slow. Visibility is everything after all, and having big pop-ins like this could mean life and death in Warzone.

  We are still hoping to see a native PS5 port release, as while 120FPS is certainly nice, other enhancements such as faster loading, better textures, haptics, and more would make a far bigger difference in our opinion. Hopefully that is on the table for the team.

  The big take from this though is that the team was able to add 120FPS without needing to actually push a native PS5 port. This could be potentially major, as it means that other developers may be able to expand this feature out to other titles. Xbox FPS Boost was a huge feature that Microsoft released recently, that added 120FPS for some games on a system wide level. With Warzone now getting this, this may be a good sign that Sony is looking to improve general backwards compatibility with PS4 software. That is certainly an exciting thought, though won’t know for sure until an official announcement is made.Tags: Call of DutyCall of Duty: WarzoneRaven Software