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Unlocking Goro Majima’s Mad Dog of Shimano style in Yakuza 0 requires investing in the Cabaret Club Czar side quest. Here is how to unlock this style.

By Ritwik Mitra

Published 5 days ago


Yakuza 0 Goro Majima

Majima is easily one of the most beloved characters in the Yakuza series, with his crazy personality serving as a mask to cover his true personality at times. So, it’s only a given that players would want to witness the evolution of this character from a once-sensible person into a complete madman.

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This is where Yakuza 0 comes into the picture, showing the life of Goro Majima before he became the eccentric personality players all know and love. The manner in which his character develops is easily the highlight of this game, and players can cement this transformation by acquiring the Mad Dog of Shimano style, which is incredibly entertaining to use in battle.


Here’s a guide on how players can progress through the Cabaret Club Czar side quest in order to unlock this brilliant style.

Cabaret Club Czar in Yakuza 0

The first thing players will have to keep track of while managing the cabaret is understanding the gestures of the hostesses and helping them out in a pinch.

By nailing this gesture quickly, players can boost the health of the hostess and improve the mood of the guests as well. This will make the act of progressing through the cabaret minigame all the more manageable.

Special Training in Yakuza 0

The platinum hostesses that Majima can recruit for the club will end up serving the biggest and most important roles in the establishment, reigning in most of the cast and satisfying wealthier guests.


In order to maximize the efficiency of these hostesses?! while getting to know them in the process?! the player should always opt for special training in order to level up their best employees even faster.

Hostess Dress Up in Yakuza 0

While the act of dressing up girls in order to improve their appearance might sound rather odd, it’s honestly rather hypnotic how Yakuza 0 manages to integrate this gameplay mechanic into Majima’s side quest in a seamless fashion.

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However, just making the hostesses look good isn’t the only goal of dressing them up. Players also need to ensure that at least three of the four stats?! Cute, Beauty, Sexy, and Funny?! are maxed out for the platinum hostesses. This is very much possible with the proper diligence.


Hostesses in Yakuza 0

The biggest key to success in the Cabaret Club Czar questline is to accumulate as many hostesses as possible. This is done in order to keep a fresh and diverse line of hostesses that can step up to the challenge at any moment, helping Majima edge closer to attaining his Mad Dog of Shimano style.

Whether it be through completing substories, roaming around Sotenbori, or using CP?! the road to beating the Five Stars of Sotenbori will become easier to travel with a retinue of efficient hostesses.

Cabaret Club Partners in Yakuza 0

If playing the cabaret minigame over and over again in order to get fans is getting somewhat tiring, players can use the extra funds they have at their disposal for a time-effective task.


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Each area that the rival cabaret clubs control has various buildings and the like that Club Sunshine can partner up with in order to gain more fans without having to initiate the minigame. It’s a great way to progress the questline if the player is just shy of triggering the Rival Battle against a particular cabaret club owner.

Cabaret Club Czar from Yakuza 0

Fever Time is a mechanic that players must master if they wish to best a rival during a battle. Each level of Fever Time corresponds to the number of seats that will enter party mode after this move is triggered, with the three levels allowing for two, four, and six tables to enter party mode respectively.


Fever Mode doesn’t need to be hoarded?! Wealthy and Mega-Rich clients should be the utmost priority and be sent into Fever Time as soon as possible to maximize the amount of income that can be earned from these customers. Along with this, Fever Time increases the HP of the hostesses, maxes out the mood of guests, and protects customers from being poached by clients during Money Battles.

Just keep in mind that earnings attained through Fever Time don’t contribute to the recharging of this move. That’s reserved only for normal tables and clients that enter party mode after being asked to stay, as opposed to being forced into Party Mode through the activation of Fever Time.


After facing the?Five Stars of Sotenbori in battle, Majima will finally unlock the final confrontation in The Grand. Accomplishing the same will unlock the Mad Dog of Shimano style after hours of work.

However, this secret style will still have some segments that are blocked off. These locks can only be opened by investing a substantial amount of CP into Majima’s character, which can take a lot of time.

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