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Fortnite is one of the pioneers in multiplayer battle royale games. They have roused a new period of free-to-play games. Fortnite remains the most popular of these games by continually building up their own. Epic puts the players on top and attempts to give new substance to them as habitually as possible. They have concocted the most recent season for the game. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is live and the topic this time around is ‘Primal’. New weekly challenges for Season 6 have arrived in the game. Numerous players have asked how to craft pistols in Fortnite.

The players can now craft weapons in Fortnite with the right resources. To complete this Fortnite challenge the players need to craft 3 pistols in the game. These pistols can either be Primal Pistols or Mechanical Pistols. The players will first need to get their hands-on Makeshift Pistols. These can be found as common floor loot or can be obtained through chests. Once the Makeshift pistol is obtained, they need to use the crafting tab in the game to create pistols. ?

To access the crafting tab, the players will have to first hit the up button on?the D-pad and then use R1/RB or L1/LB to shift over to the newly added crafting tab. To craft the Primal Pistols the players will need animal bones, these can be obtained by hunting animals or can be provided by NPCs at times. To create a Mechanical Pistol, the players will need Mechanical Parts. These can be obtained by destroying vehicles in Fortnite. Crafting any 3 types of pistols will complete this Fortnite Challenge.

Fortnite Season 6 Weekly Challenges for the 12th week have been released. These Fortnite Challenges are a fantastic way for the player to collect massive amounts of XP to level up faster in the battle pass and claim the much-needed cosmetic enhancements. Grinding and completing all Weekly Challenges will grant the player a huge XP boost. There are normal weekly challenges and legendary challenges this time around. Check out all the Fortnite Weekly Challenges for this week below:

Visit the Zero Point (1)

Craft pistols (3)

Defeat a Spire Guardian (1)

Hunt predators (3)

Tame boars outside of Colossal Crops (1)

Chicken Glide at Colossal Crops (1)

Raid an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and from Coral Castle (2)

Spend gold bars (150, 300, 450, 600, 750)

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