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  When forging relationships in My Time At Portia, Arlo is definitely a good choice for a husband – here’s why.

  By Alisan Duran

  Published Apr 24, 2021


  Split image of Arlo

  Players in My Time at Portia can pretty much do anything in the game. They can fish, build things, cook, sell, make new friends — and even date. The simulation game is similar to Harvest Moon, where players follow a story, discover hidden gems, and work as if their life depended on it — because it does.

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  As for dating, Arlo is one of the most well-known men in Portia, and many players believe that he’s a catch. For one, he has one of the best jobs in all of the land, and he is always ready to help new builders. Arlo also has a big role in the game, interacting with him is important in completing missions, and the list goes on. There are so many things about him that make him the perfect husband.



  Strong and fearless men are great husband material – at least, in this game! Of course, being smart is a bonus. Arlo has all of these traits — making him the perfect choice for a life partner.

  Furthermore, he is always happy to help anyone in need. Not just because he’s an enforcer, but because that’s just how he is. Another notable fact about him is that he frequently mentions his comrades like Remington and Sam — which goes to show that he values them. Arlo seems to value?his friends?– which is good news for his spouse-to-be. Marrying one of the strongest men?in Portia definitely has its perks.?For one, he has the perfect set of skills that can defeat the bad guys.


  Players know that Arlo is the leader of the Portia Civil Corps, and being the captain means he is good at what he does. He takes great pride in his work. He is often seen patrolling the grounds during the day and nightfall.

  His work is so important to him since he’s one of the protectors of the land. However, once he’s married, he’ll put his wife’s needs above his own, which means he’ll help her in all of her?missions, including fighting evil in Portia. Users of the game will never be alone in?completing tasks?when choosing Arlo as a husband in the game.



  Unlike other similar simulation games,?such as?Animal Crossing,?where villagers live on a peaceful island, My Time at Portia gives players the experience of truly living in a mysterious place where they encounter monsters in shady places. Players on a mission can get help?by recruiting Arlo to fight off these beasts and other enemies to retain peace in the land.

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  He will also help in small matters like handling shady debt collectors. As a married man, he’ll tag along with his wife wherever she chooses to go to help her out with issues.


  Judging from his appearance Arlo keeps his body fit and healthy. Players?can sometimes see him run around town, too. He seems to value his health, and he keeps his body in tip-top condition as he knows that he’ll run into danger at any time.

  When befriending Arlo, players can join him do laps in and out of the main city. In doing so, they can strengthen their bond with the bachelor. When marrying Arlo, he’ll also value his wife’s health and add attack points.


  Arlo at a restaurant

  When players get to know Arlo, they will find out that he has a penchant for food. But not just any dish, the captain of the Portia Civil Corps loves eating spicy foods. Now, this may not sound like it relates to being husband material, but it actually does.

  Being able to handle the spiciest of spicy dishes means he is very strong, and he’s not the one to back down at any challenge. Arlo seems like the perfect choice as a husband as he can handle any extreme situation that may arise in the game. Plus, eating spicy food with him means gaining additional attack points.


  As the game progresses, players will?learn that they can visit the Abandoned Ruins, and for any single thing they find, they will pay the Civil Corps a commission. Alternatively, gamers can also ask the local police for help in finding specific items for them by paying them.

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  The prices can go up, but thankfully, Arlo can help out in?this area. Being a member of the Civil Corps has its perks. He can get his wife as big as 50% off on all Civil Corps items.



  It seems like Arlo has it all. Marrying the best bachelor in Portia means getting a bump on attack stats. Although in the early stages of friendship, players can already gain attack points from Arlo. At two hearts, gamers can get five extra attack hearts. Then at four hearts, they can get ten extra attack points. At six hearts, players can expect an extra 10% chance of a critical hit.

  Befriending Arlo and even marrying him can be very useful in many aspects of the game. The bumps are especially handy in exploring dungeons and slaying monsters.


  New players might find Arlo intimidating for his looks, his rank, and the way he talks. But as the game progresses, gamers might see the captain of the Civil Corps in a new light. They get to see Arlo talking less formally and?his?laid-back approach in life. Everyone in town knows him well and that he has a good relationship with most of the characters in Portia.

  A friend to all as a husband seems like a good idea.?Marrying Arlo?can gain players some brownie points with most of the characters in Portia.?Being good friends with the characters can open many opportunities, such as in building, crafting, and discounts in shops.



  Players of My Time at Portia will know that Arlo has a close relationship with a character named Nora. She seems to be the biggest threat when forging a relationship with the bachelor. But fear not, Arlo may be friendly to everyone, but he will always remain loyal to the one he loves.

  When Arlo accepts the heart knot, he will become a boyfriend. Players will also notice that he will cease all meetings with Nora. More so if he becomes a husband. His dedication to his relationship and family is as strong as his dedication to his work.


  Arlo has an English accent that can easily capture anyone’s attention. A?pleasant appearance with a soothing voice — who wouldn’t want to?interact with someone like that? Even when it’s just in the game.

  In addition to his British accent, Arlo has the most stunning blue eyes in all of Portia. Furthermore, he is young, strong, courageous, and has a great career. Marrying him would definitely boost stats. Thus, players should consider marrying this fine lad and reap the benefits when playing the game.

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