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  If you loved the incredible storytelling elements of Life is Strange, then you’re likely to be into these games with similarly compelling narratives.

  By Jack Pursey

  Published Mar 09, 2021


  (Left) Ethan from Heavy Rain (Right) Shepard and Miranda from Mass Effect 2

  The prominent rise of the gaming industry over the last few years and subsequent money being pumped into the form of media has enabled game studios to create meticulously detailed character models with impressive motion capture.?It has also left them?able to afford skilled voice actors and scriptwriters. This?has subsequently resulted in games being able to tell more immersive and captivating stories than ever before, exemplified by titles?like?Life Is Strange.

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  Life Is Strange?was developed by?Dontnod Entertainment and?tells one of modern gaming’s most well-constructed stories, earning it the Best Use of Narrative accolade from the?Develop Industry Excellence Awards. Thankfully for Life Is Strange fans who are looking for something else to play, there are numerous other games that offer similarly impressive and encapsulating stories, such as the ten on this list.



  The highly influential?Heavy?Rain?tends to get a bit of a bad rap today, though the fact of the matter is: not many of?this list’s entries?would exist without it.?Quantic Dream’s?Heavy Rain?begins?with a father tragically losing his son before his life spirals out of control shortly after. The game puts players in multiple other characters’ shoes, which was a unique feature for its time.

  Heavy Rain?may not have the polish that?Life Is Strange and other recent games possess, but it still tells an interesting, powerful story that will have most players gripped from beginning to end.

  Lee Everett from The Walking Dead

  Although it seems like a distant memory now, it was only a decade ago when films, books, and video games were being inundated with stories featuring zombies, undead, or infected villains.

  It’s clear how overdone the form of media was becoming when playing The Walking Dead today, as even the characters don’t seem surprised that a zombie?apocalypse is taking place and many of them just accept what’s happening straight away. This particular element may have aged badly, though the rest of the?first season?still holds up, as it tells a fantastic story that isn’t afraid to pull on the heartstrings. The subsequent seasons weren’t as well-received as the first, but they’re still worth checking for those that found season one enjoyable.


  The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit's protagonist

  2018’s The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit?is an obvious choice for this list as it was developed by?Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix, the same teams that worked on?Life?Is Strange.

  The game wasn’t as critically acclaimed as?its predecessor,?exemplified by its?Metascore ranging between 75 and 79. However, the game is still worth checking out for anyone who loved Dontnod Entertainment’s gameplay style in the?Life?Is Stange series. Moreover, the games are set in the same universe, so it will certainly be interesting to anyone wanting to know more about the game-world.

  geralt and ciri in woods

  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?certainly differentiates itself from?Life Is Strange?with its gameplay that supplements frequent combat sections with common RPG elements. However, it earns a spot on this list through the similarities in decision-based storytelling.

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  CD Projekt Red’s adventure sees the protagonist Geralt finding himself in numerous complex situations where he needs to use his judgment rather than his sword to find a solution. Along with the main story, the game has many memorable side quests, particularly the Bloody Baron and Ghosts Of The Past questlines.?



  Alan Wake?puts players in the shoes of an author,?as he and his wife travel to a town named Bright Falls in hopes of helping his writer’s block. Things soon turn sinister as Alan’s wife goes missing, and strange, unexplainable?events start to occur.

  The game utilizes?Resident Evil 4-like combat as players tackle numerous enemies throughout their journey to save their wife and resolve the horrifying mystery inspired by?the work of American author Stephen King.

  Detroit Become Human FBI Agent Perkins

  Detroit: Become Human?is the second game on this list developed by?Quantic Dream, the first being?Heavy Rain.?The gameplay and storytelling style of?Detroit: Become Human?have?many similarities to?Heavy Rain, most notably the way that leading characters can die throughout the game depending on the player’s?decisions.

  Beyond: Two Souls?is another game from worth Quantic Dream that is worth checking out, though having three entries from one game studio on this list seemed like overkill.?Beyond: Two Souls?has an impressive cast that includes Willem Dafoe and Elliot Page.


  ellie and joel the last of us

  Naughty Dog?set a new standard for storytelling in 2013 with their morbid post-apocalyptic adventure,?The Last of Us. Although it seems silly now, many people were dismissive of the game before it released, as they believed?it would just be an?Uncharted?clone looking to cash in on the previously mentioned zombie-hype; a criticism that quickly subsided when the game was released.

  Its?storytelling was particularly innovative in how much of it is told outside of cutscenes, through more natural interactions during gameplay and notes from survivors. Moreover, the game’s heavy story showed that mainstream gaming audiences were?ready for more emotional storylines?that focused?on?difficult?subjects.

  Yakuza 0 Kiryu and chicken

  The?Yakuza?series is perfect for anyone that wants to experience a story-driven adventure but doesn’t want it to be too serious. Although?the franchise touches upon numerous tough subjects regarding the Yakuza crime-organization,?it ensures to switch up the pace by littering the small open-world with weird and wonderful side quests and activities.

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  Although the side quests are often utterly bizarre, they still tend to tell interesting stories that will keep players invested and interested in how they’re going to end, despite how nonsensical they can often be.


  Chrono Trigger gameplay screenshot

  Although this list is primarily focusing on more modern titles, it would seem unfair to ignore the retro market completely.?Chrono Trigger?certainly isn’t just a token entry on this list, however, as the game tells a fantastic story with an impressive?number of endings.

  Chrono Trigger?is considered to be one of the greatest JRPGs of all time, which will?likely fall short of surprising for?anyone who knows that the?design team consisted of people like?Yuji Horii and?Hironobu Sakaguchi, who were the creators of?Dragon Quest?and?Final Fantasy?respectively.

  mass effect 2 jack on ship

  When it comes to decision-based storytelling, the?Mass Effect?series is the first franchise that springs to mind for many people. Not only do the games require players to make difficult decisions that often have devastating consequences, but they also build a detailed sci-fi universe with Codex entries that provide intricate lore and locations that can tell a story without a single word being said.

  Although?Mass Effect 2?is widely considered to be the best entry in the series, it’s worth playing through the first game before delving into?Mass Effect 2 to understand the game’s meticulously crafted world?in full.

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  Snake (Metal Gear), Cloud (Final Fantasy 7) and Leon (Resident Evil)


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