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  The Pennywise Role Mod for Among Us allows the Impostor to turn into the infamous It villain. He can jumpscare crewmates and make them float.

  By Maria Meluso

  Published May 08, 2021


  Pennywise and a red balloon in Among Us

  Content creators have found a new way to keep?Among Us?feeling fresh with the addition of mods that transform the Impostor into famous villains from popular culture, now including Pennywise from?It. The Pennywise Role Mod for?Among Us?allows the Impostor to transform into Pennywise?and terrorize crewmates with mind games and overpowered kills. There is very little crewmates can do against Pennywise, and, like other overpowered Among Us Impostor role mods, the goal for crewmates becomes less about social deduction and more about surviving as long as possible to be the last crewmate standing.

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  Pennywise and a red balloon in Among Us

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  The?Among Us?Pennywise Role mod introduces several new abilities for Impostors to use to sabotage and kill crewmates. Each ability is based on?something?Pennywise could do in the?It?movies, and some allow an Impostor to kill even when not near a crewmate or in Pennywise form. When an Impostor kills using one of these abilities, crewmates can see but not report the body, making it even more difficult for them to get a break from the killer clown’s attacks. While this all but guarantees an Impostor win, the experience is less about competition and more about the fun new powers Impostors can play with.?Here’s how to play the Pennywise Impostor Role Mod in?Among Us.


  Pennywise drags a crewmate into the vent in Among Us

  The?Among Us?Pennywise Role Mod was created by?Lookumz?for SSundee and their friends and is currently not available for public download.?Players may have luck getting into a game that uses this mod by joining a server that has it installed.?Players can also always try their hand at programming a version. It is also possible that, given its popularity, other modders will eventually program a version of this mod and make it available for wider use.

  When a crewmate becomes the Impostor in a game of?Among Us?with the Pennywise Role mod installed, they will have the opportunity to use more creative attacks to pull off clever plays against crewmates. The new abilities appear below:


  Pennywise: The Impostor transforms into the Pennywise sprite model and back to the crewmate model at will.Balloons: Pennywise can create or pop red balloons to play mind games on the other crewmates.Jumpscare: Pennywise mugs a crewmate’s screen, accompanied by a loud screeching sound. For several seconds, crewmates can only see a black screen and cannot move.Mind Control: The Impostor chooses a crewmate, whether or not they are in Pennywise form, to drag into the vents and kill. The crewmate floats helplessly toward the vent, where a clown hand reaches out and grabs them, pulling them in and killing them instantly without leaving a body.Illusions: Pennywise creates more idle copies of himself around the map. The real Impostor can transform into Pennywise and hide among these illusions to lull the crewmates into a false sense of security before striking.Float: When near a crewmate, Pennywise opens his giant maw and kills the crewmate, causing them to float like a balloon on the map and preventing others from reporting the body.


  Pennywise Floats a crewmate in Among Us

  To use Illusions and Float, the Impostor must be transformed into Pennywise. The other abilities can be used any time.?Pennywise can also use the Sabotage and Kill buttons as usual, though killing this way will leave a body for crewmates to report. The best sabotages to use with the Pennywise Impostor mod include lights, doors, and reactor.

  With no dead bodies to report, while playing using the?Among Us?Pennywise mod, crewmates will usually only be able to stop the constant attacks and vote out the suspected Impostor by using the Emergency Button. They will first need to figure out which crewmate is actually Pennywise in disguise. Unfortunately, as with many of the new mods coded by Lookumz, Impostors can kill from almost anywhere on the map, whether they are transformed into their pop culture icon alter-ego or not. That can give them an alibi or several and make it nearly impossible for crewmates to figure out who the Impostor is until it is far too late. Because of this, crewmates can try to stick together and complete tasks successfully to make it harder for the Impostor to catch them alone or use them as an alibi.


  Players can see the?Pennywise Role?mod used in an?Among Us?match in SSundee’s video below:

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  Among Us?is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.


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