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[xbox games with gold]Games with Gold July 2021: Free Xbox One and Xbox Series X games countdown

  Microsoft is preparing to reveal the free Games with Gold games for July 2021.

  Unlike the official PS Plus announcement – which has a fixed date to be revealed each month – we don’t know when this news will be dropped.

  Recent months have seen Microsoft reveal the lineup just days before the month ends, and the first of the new Xbox One free games are released.

  But while we don’t know exactly when the news will be shared, we know that two games will be available to download on Thursday, July 1, and another batch on July 16.

  And for those keeping track, this gives existing subscribers less than a week to download the current lineup, which includes The King’s Bird and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

  Meanwhile, Shadows: Awakening will be staying on Games with Gold until July 16, 2021.

  As always, making predictions for Games with Gold is a difficult task, as there are so many titles to choose from.

  Highlights from 2021 include Little Nightmares, Dungeons 3 and Gears 5, which remains one of the only Xbox Series X optimised games released for subscribers.

  And the big question is whether Microsoft is going to repeat that feat and release another cross-gen title next month.