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[Borderlands 3]‘Borderlands 3’ Brings Back Revenge Of The Cartels, Makes All Events Permanent

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  Borderlands 3


  Borderlands 3 may be winding down, but it sure is still getting a lot of quality of life love from Gearbox. A giant new patch today has done a number of impressive things for the game, and you can see what’s going on in a rundown below.

  First off, this is the grand crossplay update, meaning you can now play Borderlands 3 with players spanning Xbox, Stadia, Steam, and Epic. You will notice that PlayStation is left out of that because as we learned in the Apple trial, Sony makes it extremely hard for games to make crossplay include them, and they’re actually charging Epic a fee for doing so. Presumably Gearbox and 2K didn’t want to pay that, so PlayStation remains an island.

  Past that, a whole bunch has changed:

  Not only is Revenge of the Cartels back, the famed Borderlands event everyone loved with great gear, you can now toggle on or off any previously limited time event in the game any time, which in addition to Cartels also includes Broken Hearts Day and Bloody Harvest.

  Bosses have had their drop rates for event-specific gear increased, and you can re-roll Bloody Harvest anointments if you have that event turned on. Again, this is all permanent.

  Cartels has new cosmetic items to farm via challenges.

  Grease Trap, Iceburger and Needle Gun have all had their damage buffed. No telling how strong OPQ might be now.

  Borderlands 3


  The level cap of the whole game has been raised to 72 in an effort to motivate players to start re-farming for the fourth (fifth?) time.

  All True Trials bosses have been activated until July 1. Not a permanent change to Trials.

  There are a wide, wide variety of anointment buffs, too many to list here, but you can check them out in the grand patch notes. There are specific ones for each class, and general ones. Only a handful of anointments have been nerfed, including 300/90, Consecutive Hits, Splash damage, and weapon damage on ASA. Some popular ones, but hopefully the buffs are enough to offset them.

  A ton of just general bug fixes and progression blockers, as you might expect from a patch like this.


  Is this the last major update for Borderlands 3? I have no idea, but it’s certainly a big one. We do not know if there are true Year 3 plans for the game like additional DLC, but we know that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is coming in 2022, so they may shift over to that when it does arrive.

  In any case, it’s a great time to jump back in to find some of those old event weapons now at max level, and this is a very solid update all around.

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