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[main assembly pc]Hepatitis B Assembly BIO update progress,Three new drug abstracts,Accepted by EASL2021

  Clinical Phase Biopharmaceutical Company Assembly Biosciences three abstract by the 2021 International Liver Conference? Accept publication.These three summary introduced three kinds of new hepatitis B (HBV core inhibitors),Including the latest research progress of Vebicorvir (VBR), ABI-H2158 (2158) and ABI-H3733 (3733),And will be detailed in EASL for 2011, detailed review (see below: Three summary from Assembly Bio).


  Hepatitis B Assembly Bio update progress,Three new drug abstracts,Accepted by EASL2021

  Abstract (Oral Report OS-2299): Title: The second generation hepatitis B virus core inhibitor ABI-H2158 and ABI-H3733,They have enhanced antiviral inhibition and covalent closing cyclic DNA effects and target coverage.This research is expected to announce full test data from 3: 00-3: 15 this year,The leader of the study is Dr. William Delaney, Chief Scientific Officer, Assembly Bio.

  Research indicates,Vebicorvir (VBR), the plasma concentration of ABI-H2158 and ABI-H3733 is significantly higher than EC50 and protein-regulated EC50,Have antiviral activity.The next-generation compound ABI-H2158 and ABI-H3733 show stronger effectiveness and exposure.Its cccDNA prevents multiple,Significantly higher than the protein adjustment Cmin EC50.


  Abstract 2 (Poster PO-1286): Title: In patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection treatment in conjunction with Vebicorvir (VBR), patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection,There is no core inhibitor resistance.The study will announce full data from 8:00 am in the middle of the European ministries.The lecturer is a doctor, Director, Director of Holmonia Hospital, Director of Hong Kong Mary Hospital.

  Research indicates,Phase 2 201 Studies and Open Label Extension 211 Research,The virus inhibits chronic HBV patients to add Vebicorvir (VBR) for sequence analysis using a nucleoside (acid) reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTL).They have stopped treatment.Overall,Most patients (78%) did not have detectable core inhibitor replacement; for patients containing the core inhibitor (22%),No enrichment is observed with the baseline after removal treatment.


  Abstract 3 (Poster PO-482): Title: Hepatitis B E antigen positive or negative chronic hepatitis B virus infection patients,The viral reaction and safety after the use of core inhibitors Vebicorvir and nucleoside (acid) reverse transcriptase inhibitors were stopped.The study will publish full test data in the middle of the Central European time on June 23 am.The research leader is a scientist such as Edward Gane, the Liver Transplantation Department of the Auckland Hospital of New Zealand.

  Research indicates,Issue 2 201 Study and Open Label Extension 211 Research,Vebicorvir (VBR) + NRTI combination after treatment,Can lead to depth virological suppression.This research application stopped standards,Conditional patients deactivate VBR + NRTI combination treatment.These patients who deactivate VBR + NRTI combinations are overall tolerant,But there is no sustained virological response.

  Further data indicates thatThe core-related antigen level may be important in future stop standards.In other studies,VBR + NRTI combinations will be used in multidrug combination,To evaluate potential limited treatment solutions.From Assembly Bio CEO and President John Mchchison Medicine: I am very happy to show the data of our next-generation HBV core inhibitors 2158 and 3733 at this session.And share further research results obtained from previous VBR research.We are advancing two concepts for treating chronic hepatitis B infections.


  Xiao Fan Health Conclusion: This year’s European Liver Research Annual Meeting (EASL2021) will be held from June 23, 202-1,Assembly Biosciences recently announced three summary related to the new hepatitis B new drug,Including a verbal report and two posters,They have been accepted by the EASL2021 conference and will post a detailed research data during the meeting.

  The above three summary is only a brief introduction to research progress in Hepatitis B new drugs.It has included research topics, research conclusions and specific research data release date.These three studies detailed data,It is expected to be announced on June 23 and June 25 this year.