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  Last March 31st,Geely official website released a message,The company’s early builders and the core character of the Gilder antiviral giant position John C. Dr. Martin has passed away.


  It is reported that,Martin has been served as Vice President of Geely R & D, from 1990.6 years later, became the CEO,Until 2016 removal,At the same time, he also served as the chairman of the chairman from 2008 to 2019.In the 20 years of CEO,John C. Martin Leading the company completed significant transitions from early oligonucleotide antisense therapy to small molecule antiviral.It is because of this transformation.Promoted Viread (TenoFovir) in 2001,The drug later became the core member of cocktail therapy. Under the leadership of Martin,Gilid became a biopharmaceutical giant with $ 100 billion.A lot of primary rivers in the field of antiviral.Not only cooperation with Roche, the first anti-flow medicine – Tamiflu,And in 2012, “Platters” has acquired Pharmasset at $ 11 billion in prices.Brought Glid brought a bestselleride drug including Sowaldi,Breaking the history of hepatitis C can’t cure.Even the high-profile RemDesivir during the new crown epidemic.It is also an antiviral drug created during Martin in Martin. Board of Chair of Gilide and CEO Daniel O’Day said: “John Martin has provided a huge help of all human health.These scientific progress and benefits of global patients will still be circulated in later generations.”



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  [2]Geely Science official website



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