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[Bryan Lee O]Former PayPal executives and Bryan Cave partners joined the CRED executive team

  Senior people in the field of financial science and technology add to CRED,Realization of Democratization of Borrowing Democracy by Using Block Chain Technology.

  San Francisco – (US Business Information) – Customer’s global leading borrowing and lending platform CRED announced two new executives today.The primary financial supervision lawyer Dan Wheeler will serve as a total legal adviser; Senior people in EBAY and PayPal for 10 years, Joe Podulka, will serve as chief financial officers.

  For 22 years,Dan Wheeler has been on behalf of the bank, financial technology company, credit alliance and other financial institutions.Help them to deal with the most important challenges and opportunities.Before adding CRED,Dan is a partner of the International Law Firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP,Responsible for the leadership law firm’s financial science and technology lawyer team.He regularly communicates with the state, federal supervisors.The state supervisor provides recommendations on issuing an innovative encryption currency bank license.Dan has served as Chairman of the California State Bar Financial Institution,He has also served as the San Francisco Bank ATtorneys Association.Dan received a Ph.D. in law from the University of New York University in 1997.During the period, the “Environmental Law Comments” were served in the school.He will resident San Francisco in California.

  Dan wheeler said: “During the team of Bryan Cave Financial Science and Technology Lawyers,I used to have a lot of financial technology companies and block chain companies.However, CRED stands out from it.Its global talents, growth potential, and unique combination of work relationship with supervisors, politicians, investors and partners,It is attracted to the decisive factor in joining this high competitive team.CRED has a highly sustainable model,And I think the company will get huge success in the future.”

  Joe Podulka has worked in the United States and overseas, financial and operational positions.Have rich financial and analytical experience.Joe has served as the Chief Financial Officer of Hearst Communications, Vice President of Finance,Help to promote the most famous media brand of San Francisco to carry out digital transformation; promote key motions designed to optimize flat printing,And accelerated the growth of digital services.Joe is still in eBay / PayPal for 11 years.Waiting for many duties in the United States and overseas.Joe received multiple degrees from Stan Buddha, Michigan and Michigan State University.

  Joe Podulka said: “CRED is solving the specific problems faced by individuals, companies and governments.CRED combines the largest advantages of the zipper chain with traditional finance.To provide superior financial services.These services have been insured.And gain a license,And meet the relevant regulatory requirements.I am very happy to join this attractive team.”

  CRED Joint Founder and President Dan Schatt said: “CRED is very lucky to attract the most talented executives in the field of financial science and technology.They very much agree with the company to achieve global borrowing and rendering of democratization.Dan Wheeler and Joe Podulka have been in charge of the talented international team,And it is possible to bring its ideological leadership to an encrypted currency.It helps to join 100 million new users in the future to join the encrypted currency family.”CRED’s leadership team is based on its previous statement of its executive team.These include front executives from PayPal, Goldman Sachs and Tradeshift.

  About CRED

  CRED is a global borrowing and lending platform.Committed to providing open credit access channels that are not subject to time and location.CRED is built by senior PAYPAL financial technology,There is currently more than $ 300 million global lend capital.Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.CRED’s mission is to use the power of the block chain,Let everyone benefit from quality financial services.CRED set a diversified corporate leadership team,And combines the power of machine learning and block chain technology.Quiet details,Please visit mycred.IO,Or pay attention to us on Twitter, Linkedin,Or join our community on Telegram.